Saturday, July 19, 2014

Long time, no see!

This post comes after two very busy months of end-of the-school-year activities and early summer work teams. Mid-summer has been less busy, but the days seem to fly by just the same. The kids are enjoying their last days of summer vacation before they get an early start at school on August 4. Dan is currently in the jungle speaking at a conference and performing a wedding. He has one more out-of-country trip to make before he settles in for another year of teaching at the Instituto Bíblico Misionero Ecuatoriano in early September.

Here are some photos of things we've been doing and seeing during our absence from blog-writing.
One last horseback ride before Carolyn's riding instructor left for the US

Celebrating two birthdays at our favorite Quito restaurant
making friends with Calvin the parakeet
(see a video of Calvin here and notice Dan's earplug!)
Andy went parasailing at the beach. The back of the life jacket says, "Jehova en ti confio" -- that sidn't give me great comfort in sending my boy off into the sky! He loved it though.

Carolyn was too small for the parasail harness, so she and her friend rode along in the boat. It turned out to be a pretty good compromise based on the smile on her face.

We visited this little church while we were at the coast.
It was hot, hot, hot inside under that metal roof. 
But, it was worth it to be encouraged seeing a couple of our Bible school students "in action." Here, Ismael lead the worship and song time. 
Jeremias shared from God's Word and so did Dad Rogers.
My photo of Dad is very blurry, so I'm not sharing it here.
Dan and Andy were VERY dusty and dirty after digging ditches
for a new waste water system at the Bible Institute. They were not
allowed to sit on anything  or come close to anybody before they showered! 
Esy is another of our pets (we have 3). We're noticing more and more gray on her face,
but her teeth haven't changed since she was a puppy! 
Carolyn and I went to the park last week to feed the ducks. She found this old tree
and begged to climb it. I didn't see any guards around, so I let her do it. 
And, just a fun shot of my orchid that has bloomed! A friend let me pull a few shoots
off her orchid plant a long time ago. I wasn't sure the shoots would hang in there,
but they have and I'm enjoying the little speck of color on my front steps.
We'll soon be back into the swing of school and a somewhat regular schedule, so maybe you'll see more news from us here on this blog!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Although I don't do instagram or hashtags, it's fun to see other people's TBT pictures on Facebook. (I had to google "TBT" to find out what it meant!)

So, here's my TBT photo:
The Rogers boys "yesterday"
And a current one!
 The Rogers boys "today"

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2000
(My first Mother's Day as a mom!)
Mother's Day 2014
(That baby has gotten tall!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birthday Eve

Happy (almost) Birthday to me! Mmmmm...Señora Jarrin's locro,
Esther's raspberry punch, family...what a great birthday eve dinner!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fun

We had a very small amount of "fun" yesterday.
It started with Andy getting a pan of brownies for breakfast.
I was surprised to find the refrigerator items looking at me
when I opened the door to get milk for my coffee.
The other bits of fun involved balloons and a crime scene,
but we'll spare you those photos!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yep, this pretty much sums up how Dan and I take our coffee!

Thanks, Beffy!

Monday, March 10, 2014


by Carolyn

When my family and I went to the States last month, I got to go to a private school with my cousin Elle. I know I had a lot of fun there! I learned a lot of new things, I made a lot of friends, and I just had fun. I would get dropped off with Elle a little before 9am, then get picked up around 3:25pm.

This is me and my cousin ready for school
This was the first time I've been to a school other than being homeschooled. I liked being with the other kids.
About 99% of girls born in Ecuador have their ears pierced the day they are born. I am in the 1% that didn't get my ears pierced the day I was born. I got my ears pierced on February 17, 2014, at the age of 10. So far, I like my earrings and haven't had any major problems.